Looking ahead

With the end of the month upon us, we will have a look at your horseman account as soon as the bills arrive. Yesterday the purse was $7,000 so $4,200 (60 %) went into the account and $420 went out to pay the rider. Tammy will also receive her 10% and that will be reflected in the end of the month statement and will be paid from the account. The groom, Jose Marquez, should also be taken care of again. He has done a nice job with this filly especially in the paddock. She seems a bit high strung and he has kept her calm and focused throughout.

It is best to find a trainer that you trust to make the decisions about where and when a horse races. But it might be interesting to have input from the group on the next race. The next logical step is a non winners of three claiming race. This filly is good at the $7,500 claiming level but there are $15,000 races in the condition book. The $15,000 races at the non winner of two level have not filled though. Look for a poll posted here mid-week where you can weigh in on what level you would try this filly at.

I spoke with the track photographer and the best route to getting a win picture, if you choose, is to simply stop by her office during racing hours. We have the same arrangement as last time for pricing. DVDs of the race are also available. They are priced at $10. If you also want the first win you can get both for $15.

Tahitian Queen – Another Win

Congratulations once again, Tahitian Queen Stables. Winning never gets old. Thanks for sharing the excitement with your family and friends.
That was a workman-like effort by the filly. She just wore the leader down.
Thanks to everyone in Tammy’s barn and to jockey Jose Ferrer.
Two videos from today’s race are below.

A Parade of Winning Owners Enter the Winners’ Circle

TQ Before and After the Race

Tahitian Queen Entered For Saturday

Tahitian Queen has been entered to run in the first race on Saturday. See the entries HERE. Jose Ferrer will ride.

The race is a six furlong sprint for $7,500 claimers that have not won twice, the logical place to spot her. It is a field of six fillies.

Anytime you enter a claiming race there is a chance that you will lose your horse to another owner.
If you handicap a lot, you will encounter horses that are habitually entered where they have no chance to compete. One aspect of being a successful trainer is entering your horses where they have a chance win. This is why Tammy chose this spot for Tahitian Queen. She won a maiden claiming race and this is the logical progression.

For those of you not familiar with how claiming works, here is an explanation. I went to Claims Clerk Carmen Bish for the details.

Any horse entered in a claiming race can be purchased from that race by a licensed owner or trainer with sufficient funds on account.

The owner, trainer, or authorized agent must complete the claim slip and enter it in the claims box located in the horsemens’ book keepr office no later than 15 minutes prior to the race. That office is located on office level of the grandstand.

The claim slip must be completed accurately or the claim is void. The box that the slips are dropped into is sync’d with the tote system and locks itself at exactly 15 minutes to post.

If there is only one claim, that person becomes the new owner of the horse once the starting gate opens. The purse money earned plus the claiming price go to the former owners. If there are multiple claims for the same horse, a shake is held to determine the new owner.

The horse’s papers are then transferred to the new owner.

If you are awake later this evening be sure to listen to Dark Star on WCCO 830AM. Randy Sampson, track president, will join Dark at 9:30pm and then at midnight Kevin Gorg and I will join in for A Night At The Races.

A Race Maybe This Weekend

First, let’s congratulate Tammy on winning the Honor the Hero Turf Express on Memorial Day with a horse, Moralist, she claimed for $10,000 this past October. The owners, Miracle Logistics led by Bill Kroska, had Tammy claim their first horse last summer at Canterbury and doubled their stable in the fall at Hawthorne. Bill was a Canterbury College member in 2008, got interested in the ownership side of the business, and brought his business partners into the game with him. They all attended CBY College this year. Congrats to all involved.

As for Tahitian Queen: Tammy is looking at a race Saturday. Entries for Saturday’s races will be taken Wednesday. This would likely be a $7,500 non-winners of two races lifetime claiming race. Keep an eye on Canterbury’s Live Racing page for entries and on this page for an update. Also look for more video on Thursday afternoon.