Get In The Game

Watching morning workouts, bringing friends and family into the paddock as your horse is saddled, making a trip to the winners’ circle after your horse wins – all of this makes racehorse ownership fun and exciting. But how do you get into the game?

Canterbury Park has formed a partnership that will introduce you to racehorse ownership. How do trainers make decisions? How much does owning a racehorse cost? These questions and more will be answered when you join the partnership.

We have a trainer and have acquired a thoroughbred filly. Watch the video and then read on to find out how you can get involved.

Your total investment for the summer is $250. You and the other partners will share the cost of owning Tahitian Queen with no further financial investment. We are seeking a maximum of 60 partners. The partner money will be deposited into a horsemen’s account, along with any purse winnings, and will be used to cover the initial cost of the horse, training fees, and any other costs that arise. At the end of the summer, should there be an account balance, it will be divided proportionately.

Canterbury Park is interested in introducing new owners to the game because they are the lifeblood of the sport. We also understand that ownership requires a financial investment and that potential owners have many questions. We hope that by joining this partnership, you will find the answers and gain experience that will help you some day start your own partnership or race horses of your own.

Canterbury Park will not own any part of Tahitian Queen. We are simply starting the partnership, putting new owners together, and facilitating. We found a willing horseowner to serve as the majority owner and also contribute financially to get this partnership started. He will serve as the licensed owner. Since all new partners will have less than 5% ownership, they are not required to be licensed by the Minnesota Racing Commission.

We view this as a learning experience for you and want you see what goes on behind the scenes as an owner. We will provide online video interviews with trainer Tammy Domenosky on a regular basis. We also plan to offer video of workouts and morning training online. We will explain all the expenses and you will always have an opportunity to ask questions as you learn about ownership. Much of this will be accomplished here on this website.

Canterbury Park will provide you with a season admission pass for 2009 as a partnership perk. We also will organize backside tours for you and provide an opportunity to visit the stable and meet the horse and trainer. On race days we will provide admission passes for your family and friends so they can experience the excitement as well.

We are looking forward to working with this partnership. I believe it is a great way to introduce you to the game without asking for a large financial commitment and through the wonders of modern technology will make it easy to communicate and see the daily life of a racehorse as never before. If you want to become a partner or have additional questions please contact me at

Jeff Maday
Canterbury Park


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