Still Planning On Entering Tuesday

Tammy still plans to enter Tahitian Queen on Tuesday for Friday’s opening night card. If the race goes, expect the filly to go to the track Wednesday morning for a strong gallop.

In general, the racing office takes entries until 10:30am and holds the post position draw shortly after. That is a soft 10:30 entry closing time however and the racing secretary will continue to hustle trainers to enter horses in order to get larger fields if need be.

As Tuesday is the draw for opening night expect the process to take longer than the norm. Sometime mid-afternoon you should find entries online. You will find a link on the Canterbury Park Live Racing page.

Each horse has a set of papers that travels with him or her to each track. The papers, issued by the Jockey Club, provide a description of the horse, the breeding ,and list the owner and horse’s races on the back.

Proper licensing paperwork was submitted to the Minnesota Racing Commission along with a $50 check to cover the fee. The partnership name is Tahitian Queen Stables.

The papers are now in the racing office. Peggy Davis, the clerk of course, organizes the papers by trainer in her files in the racing office located in the Adminstration Building in the stable area. The Thursday workout in 1:03 should appear on the workout tab soon.

This partnership was formed to provide an educational experience for those that wanted to know more about being a race horse owner but were not quite ready to dive in alone. The response has been tremendous and frankly, i underestimated the appeal. It appears that we have met (or exceeded) the goal. I will have all of that information this week. We also wil take a longer look at some of the bills that will occur on a regular basis and hope to have a video interview with jockey Jose Ferrer this week as well.


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