The Paddock

Many of you have checked the entries for Friday’s race and have found that Tahitian Queen is the morning line favorite at 7/2. That is enough to get anyone’s hopes up. This can be a humbling game so I am a proponent of keeping expectations low. I did the program comments for Friday and have her as my third choice. This does not mean I don’t think she can win. In fact I think she is a top contender in this group. The blinkers go back on and we have a trainer change. I expect the horse to improve in Tammy’s barn.

What we all hope for is a safe trip for Tahitian Queen and Jose Ferrer.

This will be a fun experience win or lose.

The third race is scheduled to go at 7:56. Horses should begin arriving in the paddock just after race 2 is complete. Tahitian Queen Stables members that would like to come to the paddock should meet near the paddock entrance gate around that time. That gate is located right where the jockeys come out to enter the walking ring. I will be there to help direct traffic and get everyone in. We have a very large group involved here, perhaps one of the largest to make a trip to the paddock.

Paddock protocol:
Tahitian Queen will be wearing the red saddle towel assigned to program number one. You will see a placard on the ground with a 1 on it just as you enter the gate. That is where Jose Ferrer will go when he comes up out of the jock’s room. We will congregate in that area. There is a gravel path that leads from the gate to the saddling area. Be sure to keep that path clear so that the valets and racing officials can move back and forth to complete their tasks.

We need to make sure we don’t frighten the horses as well. As I mentioned before, this is a large group, unlike any that these horses have seen. So we just need to be cognizant of the athletes.
Always keep in mind: Horses always have the right of way. We don’t exit the paddock until the last horse makes her way out of the walking ring en route to the track. The number one rule is to use common sense.

I will be heading to a SAM machine after that. You can watch the race from the terrace that hangs over the track apron. There is a section reserved for horsemen and owners. Feel free to sit there or any lucky spot you might have.

Watch the first couple of races and see where the winning owners enter after the race for the winners’ circle photo. Should Tahitian Queen win, we would all crowd in there for a photo right after the race.

I look forward to seeing you here on Friday night. If you have questions, it is likely others have the same ones. Please feel free to post them using the comments link below. I will respond so all can see. Or email me if you want.


10 thoughts on “The Paddock

  1. Are photo's okay in the paddock area? flash or no flash? Pic's with jockey &/or trainer okay? General protocol for these photo opportunities? Thanks…

  2. In answer to Brett’s question regarding cameras in the paddock. Yes, please do take photos. Flash usually is not a problem. I am counting on sunshine anyway.The jockey usually arrives early enough to allow for photos. We will get something set up.JM

  3. Thanks for the update Jeff. I think we all are looking forward to the race. What a great bonus for all of us on opening day.Also, I would like to thank you and the management at Canterbury for this opportunity. It really say a lot about the total organization!

  4. Super excited!!! Dream come true 🙂 Thanks so much to you people at Canterbury, what a wonderful experience!!! See you tomorrow night!!!

  5. Thanks so much Jeff and Canterbury…this is a dream come true, only wish my Dad was still with us to relish this opportunity, and believe me HE WOULD!Looking forward to meeting all the other horse lovers and supporters of “The Queen”My main hope is for a safe trip!Janet

  6. My wife Michelle and I are really excited to be part of the Tahitian Queen Journey for 2009 racing season! Thanks to Jeff and Canterbury for this opportunity – we are really excited and we will be cheering the Queen on! We are also looking forward to meeting the other supporters and horse lovers! Love the blog and updates! Chris & Michelle

  7. Being more of a novice at betting the horses, Canterbury College helped me quite a bit. Now being part-owner of Tahitian Queen it’s going to be an exciting summer, for sure! Thanks Jeff? Can I bring my wife with me or would that pose a problem, too many people,etc? Bernie

  8. It is unlikely that she would be claimed but were that to happen we would have received more than we paid for her. I would suggest that we then use the proceeds to find another horse.Running a horse at a level where it can win often means that you risk having your horse claimed. But it also means that you give your horse the best chance to win.

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