May 16


3 thoughts on “May 16

  1. Tammy, Cheryle & I tip our hats to you, your crew & Jose for an exciting night. Yes, we won a few $'s too! Thanks Jeff for all your coordination last night (busy night for you, ehhh?) and especially for your communication on this blog to keep us all up to date. Can't wait for "our" girl's next race however we'll certainly be out before that! See you all trackside…Brett & Cheryle

  2. Tammy, Very impressive win and an outstanding weekend for you. Congrats on the great start to the meet! Looking forward to the rest of the meet!

  3. The most fun I have had since I was a teen ager. I am 78 now. I have found a new favorite jockey & trainer. My family & I love Tahitian Queen.—Carl (Eddie) Rider.

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