Tahitian Queen Wins !!!

I want to congratulate all of you involved in Tahitian Queen Stables.

What a way to start the season. This is what horse ownership is all about. It won’t happen every time….. but this time was special.

Tammy and her crew did a fantastic job with this filly. Jose rode to perfection.


I will detail how everything works regarding the purse money and various expenses very soon.

The winner, Tahitian Queen Stables, gets 60% of the purse. Tammy will receive 10% of that as will Jose. We should also tip the groom as he cares for this girl seven days a week. We will discuss all of that soon.

Congrats again. I am thrilled for all of you.


4 thoughts on “Tahitian Queen Wins !!!

  1. Thanks Jeff, what an experience…my heart rate has not slowed down yet! Thanks to you and the Mgmnt of Canterbury for such a thrilling opportunity!Some time next week could you let us know how and if we could order and purchase any of the official winner circle photos. Understand you’re rather busy the next couple of days, but again such a thrill!Janet

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