A Race Maybe This Weekend

First, let’s congratulate Tammy on winning the Honor the Hero Turf Express on Memorial Day with a horse, Moralist, she claimed for $10,000 this past October. The owners, Miracle Logistics led by Bill Kroska, had Tammy claim their first horse last summer at Canterbury and doubled their stable in the fall at Hawthorne. Bill was a Canterbury College member in 2008, got interested in the ownership side of the business, and brought his business partners into the game with him. They all attended CBY College this year. Congrats to all involved.

As for Tahitian Queen: Tammy is looking at a race Saturday. Entries for Saturday’s races will be taken Wednesday. This would likely be a $7,500 non-winners of two races lifetime claiming race. Keep an eye on Canterbury’s Live Racing page for entries and on this page for an update. Also look for more video on Thursday afternoon.


1 thought on “A Race Maybe This Weekend

  1. Yes congratulations to Tammy, Jose and the ownership group. It was a very exciting race to watch (as well as cash a winning ticket). Looking forward to another race for Tahitian Queen.

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