Tahitian Queen – Another Win

Congratulations once again, Tahitian Queen Stables. Winning never gets old. Thanks for sharing the excitement with your family and friends.
That was a workman-like effort by the filly. She just wore the leader down.
Thanks to everyone in Tammy’s barn and to jockey Jose Ferrer.
Two videos from today’s race are below.

A Parade of Winning Owners Enter the Winners’ Circle

TQ Before and After the Race


8 thoughts on “Tahitian Queen – Another Win

  1. Another exciting an extremely enjoyable day at Canterbury Park. What a great way to start the day with another win from our favorite filly. Thanks again to Tammy and Jose for the great job on the track. Additionaly,thanks to everone at Canterbury for giving the group this opportunity.

  2. What a great day! Thanks for the blog post with picture and video. It is nice to be able to share the information with friends and family who were not able to attend the race today. Awesome win and a great experience thus far!

  3. Well my oh my, aren't we the lucky group! Huge congrats to Tammy and Jose again. Thanks also to them for their terrific interaction in the Paddock. Cheryle & I both feel like WE need ice boots today after all of yesterday's excitement. Rest up Tahitian Queeen! To the rest of the gang – I think we have something going with the Hawaiin shirts! See you all trackside…

  4. Another movie-script day for the Tahitian Queen partnership! Many thanks go to Canterbury personnel, Tammy, Jose, our groom (sorry I don’t know your name), and of course to our girl Tahitian Queen herself. Rest well dear filly and we’ll hope to see you run again in two weeks.

  5. What a fun race and another beautiful day at Canterbury. It’s too bad more people don’t come out to enjoy what this track has to offer on a weekly basis. I have a question that hopefully will be easy to answer and informative. What are the differences between claiming vs. purchasing a racehorse outright? I know it may sound like a simple question on the outset, but I have yet to get a clear answer from anyone. (Maybe I’m asking the wrong people.) The one difference I came across is that a vet is allowed to examine the horse prior to a purchase being approved, whereas in a claim this is not the case. Is this true? Are there other things to be considered when claiming vs. purchasing a horse? I’m even more curious as Tahitian Queen was acquired via outright purchase (correct?) and has been entered in claiming races all nine times she has raced. Thanks again Jeff, Tammy, Jose and all involved for another great day.

  6. Nathan: Good question. The reason we decided to privately purchase a horse for this project as opposed to claiming was exactly as you stated: it allows for a vet and the trainer to have a look at the horse before making the purchase.When you claim, you do not have that opportunity. You can see how the horses races and maybe see it galloping in the morning but from there you really do not know if there are any issues. There are many trainers, including Tammy, that have done well with claims. It is not an exact science though and sometimes they go the wrong direction. But then that is always a risk regardless how you obtain your horse.Tammy thought she could move this filly up and that she would fit in well at Canterbury. That was based on her experience. There was no guarantee. I doubt any of the owners and trainers bought thier horses thinking that they would be totally uncompetitive. You still need to get lucky.Often when you purchase privately, you pay more than you would via a claim. Point in case, Tammy found another horse for sale before Tahitian Queen. It was a non winner of two that would have worked here. The owner wanted $6000. We did not pull the trigger and the horse was entered in a $5,000 claiming event and won. Without that non two condition the horse was worth less than beofre it won. No one claimed it and it ran back again for $4,000 and won. The horse resurfaced here against open claimers and ran up the track as the favorite.Don’t be afraid to claim a horse. Just find a trainer that has had success

  7. Yesterday was a dream come true again! What an experience, Tammy and Jose were so gracious with their time! Bernies wife (Ann?) suggested that we all go get plastic lei's to go with our Hawaiin motif..sounds good to me! Janet

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