Looking ahead

With the end of the month upon us, we will have a look at your horseman account as soon as the bills arrive. Yesterday the purse was $7,000 so $4,200 (60 %) went into the account and $420 went out to pay the rider. Tammy will also receive her 10% and that will be reflected in the end of the month statement and will be paid from the account. The groom, Jose Marquez, should also be taken care of again. He has done a nice job with this filly especially in the paddock. She seems a bit high strung and he has kept her calm and focused throughout.

It is best to find a trainer that you trust to make the decisions about where and when a horse races. But it might be interesting to have input from the group on the next race. The next logical step is a non winners of three claiming race. This filly is good at the $7,500 claiming level but there are $15,000 races in the condition book. The $15,000 races at the non winner of two level have not filled though. Look for a poll posted here mid-week where you can weigh in on what level you would try this filly at.

I spoke with the track photographer and the best route to getting a win picture, if you choose, is to simply stop by her office during racing hours. We have the same arrangement as last time for pricing. DVDs of the race are also available. They are priced at $10. If you also want the first win you can get both for $15.


6 thoughts on “Looking ahead

  1. My wife noticed that Tahitian Queen ran on Saturday with front wraps where she did not in the first race. Was there a reason for this.I think we were all happy to see she was not claimed on Saturday. All of this is new to the vast majority of us we have a good thing going with fine horse, great trainer and great jockey. I smile when I look at the Canterbury Stats and see out horse #3 out trainer #2 and our jockey tied for #4 with 8 wins.

  2. A question I have is that if Tammy opts to enter her in a higher claiming level, would that lower the odds of her getting claimed? I don’t think I’m the only one that would like to hold onto her! She and her team are something special! Janet

  3. There is a question in my mind as to how good this horse is or can be – late of of the gate, but driving to a win – impressive at the current level. What is the down side of going to the next level or two beyond a $15,000 claimer now? Linda W.

  4. What if we tried her out on the turf course to see how she handles the sod…. or… enter her at the same claiming level but against the boys. I would also like to know, if she stays competitive, is there any chance that she could quailify for Claiming Crown Day in late July – Steve

  5. I am personally interested in entering her in the next level. It would be interesting to see if she can compete at that level, and once/if she wins again, she loses the ability to run in conditionals. It seems like now may be a god time to bump up training levels, if Tammy thinks she might compete in that class.I think I would be hesitant to enter her in at the same level against boys. Is there much upside to that? It seems we keep the risk of having her claimed and it is much less likely she finishes in the money.

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