More on Yesterday’s Race

I spoke with Tammy this morning. It appears that Tahitian Queen came back fine from the race. “She was a little tired but she cleaned up all her grain right away which is a good thing,” Tammy said.

As mentioned earlier, Jose said she was a little green, which is another way of saying she was not totally focused. “She is the kind of horse that likes to look at everything, especially in the morning,” Tammy said. “There were a couple of holes she could have gone through and didn’t. That may just be a young horse. I wasn’t disappointed in her at all. She was still running at the end. There were some good horses in the race, especially the winner.”

We can begin the discussion of what to do next. Provided she recovers quickly from this effort it would not be unrealistic to see her in two weeks. If you have specific questions for Tammy regrading the race, post a comment and we will get answers tomorrow.


She Tried….

Not at all a bad effort by TQ tonight. She ran well at a higher level on a new surface.
Jockey Jose Ferrer said that she was a bit green and that with the experience she should run better next time.

I know there will be some disappointment but your filly ran her best tonight.

If you have thoughts or questions, please post a comment so we can start a discussion.