Question and Answer with Tammy

Here is a look at the Tahitian Queen Stables horsemen account.

The current balance is $13,367.92

The last update was on May 21 when the balance was $12,889. Below is a summary of the transactions.

May 28 : $100 to groom Jose Marquez for the opening night win $12,789

May 30 : Tahitian Queen wins $4,200 added for purse $16,989

May 30: $1 deducted for the start; contribute to horse retirement fund $16,988May 30 : – $420 jockey fee 10% to Jose Ferrer $16,568

May 30: we forgot to do this last time and Tammy picked up the bill. The owner traditionally buys a photo for the groom, jockey, and trainer

June 7: -$2,800 Tammy Domenosky May training invoice. Summary of bill: Day rate $50 per day (31 days) $1,550
Patch quarter crack on 5/1 – $250 TQ had a quarter crack in her hoof that needed to be patched and glued. Not uncommon in horses (remember Big Brown). Click here for more information on quarter cracks. Next time you are in the paddock take a look at horses hooves as they pass by. You will occasionally see what looks like a patch on the hoof.

Pony to gate for first start -$25 this is the fee for the pony person to assist the horse during pre-race warm up and to get the horse to the starting gate.
10% of earnings from first win to Tammy -$420
Pony to gate for second start -$25
10% of earnings from second win to Tammy -$420
New horseshoes -$110
Total of – $2,800 for May $13,741

June 7: -$373.08 vet bill to Blue Sky Equine this bill includes prerace medication such as Lasix and Bute. TQ also was dewormed in early May. She received lasix on the morning of her workout as well.
Adequan was also administered. Adequan is an equine joint supplement.TQ received Omeprazole which is an equine ulcer medication. Studies have shown that nearly 90% of race horses experience ulcers or gastric problems.

The groom, Jose Marquez, should also be tipped again. He did a good job getting the filly to the paddock, saddled, and out of the walking ring without incident.

These are the economic realities of owning a racehorse. We knew coming in that the emphasis was on learning and having fun and with luck maybe winning a race or two and breaking even. So far this has gone well. It is not easy to break even, much less make money with a cheap horse. But you have already done something, twice actually, that many owners won’t taste even once this summer: WINNING. Look in your DRF and find horses that went zero for 2008. There are a lot of them.

You have a long summer in front of you yet. TQ just needs to find a race. Tammy believes she belongs at the $7,500 level. The jump up to N3L is big already. The problem we have right now is that the $7,500N3L that is in the condition book for June 20 was written as an extra race last week and is being run on Thursday (tomorrow) with nine fillies and mares. To make the race go on June 20, some of those may need to run right back. The other option is to enter the $15,000N3L that is in the book for June 19. Tammy may have to enter that race and then try to get out of it and re enter for the $7,500 if it looks like it might be used. That the $15,000 race fills is no certainty either.

As handicappers we often see horses entered in races where they do not belong and we wonder what the connections are thinking. That is not always owners/trainers living in a fantasy world. It often is a by-product of having nowhere else to run. Sometimes sprinters end up in routes or confirmed routers are entered in short races.

A trainer I deal with often occasionally enters a filly against the boys. I point it out in my program comments as being sneaky or some such thing. He always pulls me aside and explains that he doesn’t want to run in that race but his target is down the line and he needs to get a race into his filly and the right race never fills.

So that is where you are now. Potential races in the book but no guarantee they will fill. Such is the life of a racehorse owner.


7 thoughts on “Question and Answer with Tammy

  1. The June 18 race is a route. That would be an option as well but she proved herself as a sprinter already and staying with what works when trying to run through the conditions is often preferable.

  2. I agree with looking hard at the Thursday option. She will have had almost three weeks off so if Thursday is open, why not look to slot her in there and then she can potentially catch another race near the end of the month?

  3. Very interesting stuff. this kind of information makes this all well worth the investment. I would have never thought twice about not being able to find the right races for a horse to run in or having to worry about a race not filling. It is also becoming obvious that the life of a claimer owner is really spent trying to break even. Interesting that even after a couple wins early, it may be a struggle to break even. Thanks Jeff and Tammy. this has been very informative so far.

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