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The poll we conducted indicated that the majority of you wanted to try the $15,000 level and that may be what happens. The condition book is forcing our hand somewhat. Horses can go off form in a hurry and you only get so many chances so you hate to waste a race but maybe this filly can tackle tougher.

The Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association (TOBA) has a website with a lot of information for new owners. When you have a chance take a look click here TOBA.

The horse that TQ beat last time, Monarchie, returns to the races today in the 2nd. Check the charts to see how she did later this afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Owner Information etc…

  1. The TOBA website is a very useful tool for anyone contemplating horse ownership. Thanks for the info. Monarchie finished second to a horse with very similar characteristics to TQ. Monarchie and Sneaky Irish Lass were the class of this field. I keyed these two horses in a trifecta and won the $92.40. The race unfolded almost exactly as TQ's second race on 5/30/09, with th early pace a bit slower, but the final quarter beng faster. Sneaky Irish Lass was coming off her Maiden win and seems to be running well for the Bernell Rhone barn. Monarchie may be set to win next time out; maybe 5 furlongs will keep the closers at bay? There was also an OC 20K/N2x in race 6 on Saturday 6/13/09. While this is above the 15K/N3x that a majority, including myself, voted for TQ's next race. I voted that way because I want to see what she may be capable of doing. I've also come to the conclusion, after watching Big Boy Charlie beat A Steel Trap in the 6th race, that these horses were burning up the track in comparison to TQ's efforts. TQ's 6 furlong win on 5/30/09 in 1:13:00 pales in comparison to the time of 1:11:41 run in race 6 on Saturday. I guess we'll see what she can do and hope for best.

  2. In regards to some of the race conditions talked about above:The Optional Claiming 20K/N2X that is being discussed is actually very different from the 15K N3L that was being listed as an option. I'll do my best to explain the differences in a clear manner.First, the Optional Claiming 20k/N2X. This is actually a combo condition that was created in the late 80s and early 90s in order to help fill second level allowance races. It is important to read the conditions closely. From the condition book:"For three-year-olds and upwards which have never won two races other than maiden, claiming, trial or starter, OR CLAIMING PRICE $20,000"Thus, this race can be used be a lot of different horses. Typically you'll find horses in this race that have won their maiden and a first level allowance race (therefore they'll be eligible to run without a claiming price because they haven't won two races other than maiden, claiming, trial or starter) or you'll find an older $20,000 claimer that has won numerous races and will be eligible to be entered (albeit with a claiming priace).In comparison, the race that was being aimed at, a 15K N3L reads as follows:"For fillies and mares three-years-old and upwards which have never won three races"This race is for horses that have not won three races (of any kind) in their racing careers. Thus, you'll often find competitive claimers and horses that have dropped in from allowance or higher claiming ranks.I just want it to be clear that the two types of races talked about above (although similar in claiming price) are much much different in the quality of horses that would run in them. Tahitian Queen is still eligible to run in a first level allowance race, denoted ALW N1X, that would be an easier spot than the OC 20K/N2X talked about above.Conditions are tricky and it is important to read each one very closely to figure out exactly who is eligible.

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