No Race On Friday

Unfortunately, the $15,000N3L did not attract enough entries to be used. By all reports the race only drew one entry other than TQ. That was the fear as there just aren’t that many true $15,000 claimers here.

Now Tammy will enter TQ on Wednesday for the $7,500N3L sprint. That is listed as race 2 in the condition book. In general, these races take preference over the substitute races and the extras should they attract the same number of entries.

As discussed here earlier, this same race was run here on Thursday night, taken as an extra. The chance that it fills probably is not a slam dunk as some of those fillies would likely have to run right back. If it does not go then hopefully the racing secretary brings it back on the overnight as an extra for the next day.

As disappointing as this is, it is part of being an owner. Sometimes an extra gets written and used that makes it difficult for a race you have been aiming at to make it on the sheet. That may become the case here. Stay tuned…..


4 thoughts on “No Race On Friday

  1. Jeff,I am little confused when you say this is an "extra" race. I realize in the codition book a substiution race has an "s" next to it and would go only if the primary race is not filled. Does an "extra" act more like a carryover?? Can an "extra" race be a primary or substituion race? If you could give a more detailed explanation that would be great. I believe I may have asked this question before, why did Tammy not give TQ a timed workout last week or early this week since she we are going on 3 weeks out since her last race? I see Lasix was administered for her previous workout. Could this be a factor?What has been TQ's daily routine since her last race?Looking forward to seeing her this Saturday. Hopefully it will fill. I did see $7.5K NW3 race last week had a field size of 11 horses. Thanks.Ryan

  2. Ryan: The 'extra' races are often carryovers. Maybe a race gets close to filling but would attract more horses were there another day or two. The secretary then writes it as an extra. Or perhaps a trainer asks for a certain type of race and the secretary agrees to write that as an extra. We often see five or more extras now as the regular races are not filling.We will ask Tammy about not working TQ as well as the daily routine which changes daily depending on the horse. What goes into 'training' is something we should explore with more depth and I am glad you asked.With the $7500N3L being in doubt, Tammy is looking at a N3L on the turf on the 25th. That race is almost certain to go and will allow you to see if the filly likes the turf and two turns. If the sprint comes up light then that remains an option as well. Either way you should see her race in the next nine days. Having a back-up plan in case things do not go as hoped is a good idea.Thanks for the questions. We will seek answers tomorrow or Thursday.JM

  3. So I see from the Saturday entries that she is not running. What is the realistic chance they would add a race to Sunday, Father's Day, with all the promotions going on. My guess is we won't see her until Thursday now. Right?

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