More on Yesterday’s Race

I spoke with Tammy this morning. It appears that Tahitian Queen came back fine from the race. “She was a little tired but she cleaned up all her grain right away which is a good thing,” Tammy said.

As mentioned earlier, Jose said she was a little green, which is another way of saying she was not totally focused. “She is the kind of horse that likes to look at everything, especially in the morning,” Tammy said. “There were a couple of holes she could have gone through and didn’t. That may just be a young horse. I wasn’t disappointed in her at all. She was still running at the end. There were some good horses in the race, especially the winner.”

We can begin the discussion of what to do next. Provided she recovers quickly from this effort it would not be unrealistic to see her in two weeks. If you have specific questions for Tammy regrading the race, post a comment and we will get answers tomorrow.



8 thoughts on “More on Yesterday’s Race

  1. She certainly showed a true competitive spirit and I was pleased with the results. It is always very good news to hear she came out of race ok and especially so after this test.How about commenting on the drop-like-a-rock plunge her odds took last night, down to even money at one point. I felt the 3-to-1 final odds was still too low but at least it was correcting at the end. A case for a lot of people (not just our merry band) betting based on name recognition (KARE 11 et al) and the "feel good" aspect? I believe this overbetting of TQ led directly to longer odds on more deserving horses. I often feel there is some of this at work whenever Paul Nolan is on board or a certain trainer has horses in the mix. They can't always have the best horse in the race. Care to discuss watching for true bargin odds when the public is voting with their heart and not their head?ko

  2. Not to take anything away from Jose, I certainly would not want anyone else riding TQ, but is it really the horses "job" to find the holes and get through them, or is that more the jockeys responsibility during the race; to guide her well against the pace and find the right moment to make a move through the holes?? Regarding the next race, I think she proved herself definitely capable at the $15,000 level; definitely capable on the grass; but the distance might have been a little too much. If you look at all of her past performances, the longer the distance, the more trouble she has had; she's a sprinter. When does the next condition book come out??And as far as questions for Tammy, I guess just curious as to her thoughts on a Claiming Crown start for TQ, or what she would want out of any of her other horses before starting them there??

  3. Not 100% sure abut this… but I think the majority of us had out bets in before we went to the paddock and that where the odds were lowest. As it got closer to race time the odds went back closer to where they should have been (according to the chart in the DRF 4.6 – 1 was the final odds). Also interesting to note the W/P/S pool was reported to be 26,418 which was the largest pool of the night. It seems that we as owners and our friends and family helped drive the odds.. Which in turn help for better odds for the winner.I too was pleased with the results. Yeah a win would have been great but it was good to see TQ still running hard at the finish and even better to see her running back with no visable problems. Even better to hear Tammy's good news about her condition.At least in this race it was apparent that you see a tougher bunch of horses at this level. How was the pace of this race… I am still learning that part and I do not have a good handle on how the fractions were… (fast slow).Again thank to all in the group especially for the stickers and leis. We may not have gotten to the winners circle but dang we sure looked good.

  4. Odds: there is so little money in the pool that the first flash is deceiving. I am guessing many of you wagered early and that is what drove the price down. On paper she had a chance. I knew 10-1 morning line was too high. I figured she would be 6-1. There are horses and trainers/riders that get overbet. Derek Bell often takes more action than others because he is Derek Bell. That happens at other tracks too. Which if you don't like the horse, is a great thing.Finding A Hole: The answer to that is yes and no. Jose will go through a hole but he needs a horse to do it. Some horses just lack the courage to go through. I spoke with Paul Nolan once about why he didn't win a race where there was an opening on the rail that you could have driven a semi through. His respomse was that the horse would not go through and never had. TQ has the runnig style of a horse that can be competitive at the right level. The new surface may also have been a factor. Condition Book: the current book runs through July 5. The next book should be out this Thursday.She does look like a better sprinter, especially at the right class level. But that route effort was not bad. At the very least she got some conditioning and experiecne out of it.Pace: the pace seemed fair for this level. The horses that tracked in 2nd and 3rd both remained in the top four at the wire. It was great to see everyone there last night. You have made for quite a popular story and one worth telling. JM

  5. Thanks Steve…. I really appreciate everyone's participation in this project. I'm just the middle man. It would not happen without of you and Tammy. And the enthusiasm of the group is what makes it so much fun.JM

  6. I agree about the photos! I clicked on one for my computer wallpaper and was just able to still have TQ in the frame (it is a big photo file). More and future still photos would be very welcome.ko

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