She Tried….

Not at all a bad effort by TQ tonight. She ran well at a higher level on a new surface.
Jockey Jose Ferrer said that she was a bit green and that with the experience she should run better next time.

I know there will be some disappointment but your filly ran her best tonight.

If you have thoughts or questions, please post a comment so we can start a discussion.


6 thoughts on “She Tried….

  1. It was a good race and a lot of fun to watch. We changed several elements this time:* Higher level claiming* Longer distance* Turf* Non winner of 3so it is hard to know what to think. TQ was still competitive and Jose had her in good position to make a move at the end. I would be in favor of moving back to the 7,500 level if the right race is there but going a shorter distance or moving back to dirt works too. Thank you to the people who gave out the leis and the stickers!

  2. I, for one, am very proud of "our girl". We asked alot of her and she ran her heart out. She could of finised 20 lengths behind but she was racing to the end!Janet

  3. Well I think the most obvious question is what's next in terms of race strategy. Would we look at more turf races or look to go back to dirt? What is the outlook for seeing her run again in two-ish weeks?

  4. I only watched the race live but it appeared that she was stuck on the rail behind the leaders coming around the final turn. I think she had to make a move out three or four wide to try to get by and then she was done. Did I read that right?

  5. I agree that she might have been boxed in a bit around the final turn and couldn't get free too easily, but I'm just a layman.Overall I came away thinking she had a great race, just a length or two off the win by a horse that dropped in class by the leading trainer on a surface and distance Prophesy had won at before. Given this was a new surface and distance for TQ, this makes me confident that can compete at this class and we should continue to challenge her at this level.

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