Tammy Introduces Steve and Talks Tahitian Queen: Race this Saturday


In the video above, Steve gets a little camera shy before Tammy discusses running Tahitian Queen this Saturday. Luckily, the race went through and TQ is scheduled to run in the 2nd race on Saturday against seven fillies and mares which have never won three races. The $7,500 race is 6 1/2 furlongs and Jose Ferrer will ride. It looks like TQ is fiesty and ready to run. Good luck everyone and hopefully see you Saturday!



Looks Like August 1

There was a question asked about the N3L for $15,000 on the turf that was available for Sunday. I spoke with Tammy about the race and she felt it would not be a place where your filly could win. With the meet well past the mid-way point, entering where you can win becomes more important.

With the $7,500 N3L sprint likely to go on Aug. 1 it seemed prudent to wait for that. No guarantees of course but she would fit well there just like last time.

The turf race did go for Sunday and came up tough. There are horses dropping from allowance races, which is often the case this time of the meet.

Entries for Aug. 1 will be taken Wednesday.

Best of luck to all on Claiming Crown Day. Tammy has one entered, All Joking Aside, in the $75,000 Rapid Transit. He is the true dirt speed. Why not a wire to wire win?

An Extra + Account Overview

An ‘extra’ appeared on yesterday’s overnight that fits Tahitian Queen. Same condition as last time. This race is for Thursday.
Tammy is likely to enter here although the race may not go.

Here is a look at the bills for June plus the winnings from the second-place finish on July 9. Although June was not a winning month the good finish in July helped a lot. Hopefully another start and an in-the-money finish are in store soon….jm

June 11 balance: $13,367.92

June 25 race – 4th place finish 5% of purse = $420
-$1.00 fund to assist retired race horses
-$55.00 jockey fee for Jose Ferrer

July 4 Tammy Domenosky training for June -$1,520
30 days at $50 per day + $20 for pont to gate on race day
July 4 Vet Omeprazole powder (used to prevent ulcers) -66.00

Vet bill for July Blue Sky Equine -$465.00
6/1 $35 dewormer

On June 12 TQ ‘tied-up’ and was treated with the medications below. A definition of tying-up provided by Dr. Valberg of the U of M was found online: Tying up, the most common muscle problem in horses has also been called azoturia, paralytic myoglobinuria and chronic exertional rhabdomyolysis. Clinical signs include sweating, stiffness and reluctance to move forward. Tying up is not a single disease, but a collection of clinical signs that may have different causes in different in each horse. Specific causes for tying up have recently been identified and more are on the research horizon. For the complete article go to: http://www.showhorsepromotions.com/tyingup.htm

6/12 $20 banamine injection (used to alleviate pain)
$15 Lasix
$18 Vitamin E with Selenium
$25 Robaxin Injection – muscle relaxer
$18 Dexamethasone anti-inflammatory agent

6/17 $60 Adequan and equine joint supplement
6/18 $35 Lasix and Banamine for workout
6/23 $207 Adequan, Carbazachrome, Naquazone (for muscles and joints), and various vitamins and magnesium suflite
6/24 $12 pre-race bute injection
6/25 $20 pre-race Lasix


7/9 2nd place finish 20% of purse $1,500
-$1.00 fund to assist retired horses
-$75.00 jockey fee to Jose Ferrer


Back To Work

Tammy was hard at work this morning preparing for a Friday night of racing. There is little time to lament when there are more than 30 horses to tend to every day. Asked about Tahitian Queen’s race she said. “I was a little down about it last night but I am over it now. We’ll get ‘em next time.”

“She came out of the race alright and cleaned up her grain. That’s a good thing. She will just walk a few days and then she’ll go back to the track on Sunday or Monday to jog.”

Tahitian Queen challenged the leader but just didn’t go by. She did dig in to hang around for second which is twice as good financially compared to third. “Maybe she needs different blinkers,” Tammy said. “She seems to want to see more. But then maybe she would just back right out.”

These are issues trainers must tackle in a game where success or failure is measured by a few feet or inches. Expect Tammy to experiment in the mornings with different blinkers.

Tammy joins Paul Allen and Kevin Gorg on The Racing Roundtable on Playin’ In The Park aired Saturday at 11AM on channel 45. If you miss it you can also view it online beginning Sunday at http://www.canterburypark.com/LiveRacing/RaceReplays/tabid/107/Default.aspx

Not a Win but a Good Effort

TQ ran well when she could have packed it in. Jose was not happy that she wouldn’t go by in the stretch. He rode her well; asked her to go when she needed to and had her where she needed to be. She just did not kick in. Second isn’t all bad. I asked Tammy what’s next and she indicated it is right back at this level.

We will summarize the account soon now that the June bills are arriving.

I hope everyone enjoyed their evening at the track. Two wins, a second and a fourth is very good!

What happens after a horse races?

Someone in a previous blog post brought up some great questions, “What happens after a horse races? How does one determine which horses go to the test barn? What happens in the test barn?” These questions have been answered below by your trainer Tammy Domenosky, steward Noble Hay Jr., and assistant commission veternarian Christy Klatt.