Looking Ahead for Thursday


On a sunny Sunday, Tammy discusses Tahitian Queen’s future race this Thursday. In the video she analyzes competition, why Tahitian Queen fits in this race, and why she did not put her in the $15,000.

Rachel Blount’s story is now online on the Minneapolis Star Tribune website.


8 thoughts on “Looking Ahead for Thursday

  1. Question about weight carried. I remember that there is a jockey apprentice allowance and that the older horses carry more, but can you explain why there are so many different weights listed for this upcoming race (114,116,119,121). Either a good question or I was sleeping in class that day! Thanks…

  2. Why is the condition book listing this race as a NW4?? Unless Im missing something, the July 9th 7500 is a NW4, the NW3 is the next week……Jose Ferrer ok after his little incident today??

  3. Teacher…teacher…I know the answer.The conditions of the race say that 3 year olds carry 116 and 4 and older 121 lbs., with a 2 pound allowance if the horse has not won a race since June 9. TQ's last win was 5/30 so she gets the 3 year old weight of 116 and the 2 lbs for no wins since 6/9. My understanding is the weight differences are to "level the playing field".

  4. Thanks Ron, now I know why the "conditions book" is called what it is and understand the concept. I still couldn't find the right race in the condition book. I'm also with the above posted question re: NW4 vs NW3? I'm sure our professor will clear it up…

  5. TQ's race was listed as an 'extra' on the overnight. These are the races that the secretary adds when he thinks the races in the book won't fill for that day. Have a look at the overnight and you will see the extra races added on the second page.Tammy entered this race because we would run the risk of getting stuck in the wrong race like last time. There was a $7,500N3L in the book in June but the secretary wrote that same race as an extra nine days earlier. That race went and the one in the book, as we predicted, did not so we had to run for $15,000 or sit in the barn for two more weeks.We are in the same situation this time. This race would have filled and then the one we wanted on July 18 might not have and we would have had to run at a higher level. It seems odd that the new book comes out and then an extra is used before we even get to the race in the book. But that is how it works sometimes.The race itself is not a cakewalk. Bernell Rhone has a sharp runner as does Red Rarick. TQ fits at this level though and should be competitive.Hope to see everyone in the paddock before race 6 on Thursday.Look for more video on Wednesday.

  6. The newspaper article is on Star Tribune websitehttp://www.startribune.com/sports/50081842.html?elr=KArksi8cyaiUo8cyaiUiD3aPc:_Yyc:aULPQL7PQLanchO7DiUrIt is a very nice article. Three more days to race day! Get your rest TQ!

  7. So I am curious…what does it take to get a race horse fired-up to race at 10pm? They are not nocturnal, and you can't explain to them they should take an extra nap because they are going to be up late. How does a trainer prepare for this?ko

  8. That is a interesting question. I would also like to know what happens after the race is done. Assuming she is in the money I think she would go and get tested for drugs… then what? Cool down walk, wash her up….get some oats??? Seems as it would make a late night for Tammy and Jose.

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