Back To Work

Tammy was hard at work this morning preparing for a Friday night of racing. There is little time to lament when there are more than 30 horses to tend to every day. Asked about Tahitian Queen’s race she said. “I was a little down about it last night but I am over it now. We’ll get ‘em next time.”

“She came out of the race alright and cleaned up her grain. That’s a good thing. She will just walk a few days and then she’ll go back to the track on Sunday or Monday to jog.”

Tahitian Queen challenged the leader but just didn’t go by. She did dig in to hang around for second which is twice as good financially compared to third. “Maybe she needs different blinkers,” Tammy said. “She seems to want to see more. But then maybe she would just back right out.”

These are issues trainers must tackle in a game where success or failure is measured by a few feet or inches. Expect Tammy to experiment in the mornings with different blinkers.

Tammy joins Paul Allen and Kevin Gorg on The Racing Roundtable on Playin’ In The Park aired Saturday at 11AM on channel 45. If you miss it you can also view it online beginning Sunday at


2 thoughts on “Back To Work

  1. Thanks Jeff. Appreciate all your work. I always look forward to reading the blog. TQ has spoiled us a little bit but I think she might be sitting on a win. Appears to be a little more of a challenge to win at the N3L then N2L. It was good to beat Sneaky Irish Lass. Hopefully the condition book cooperates and we get a race in by the end of July. Does not look like anything right now if I am reading correctly. Looks like last night was tough night for favorites. Race #5 was pretty crazy. Great payouts if you had them. Although I was not completely shocked by Candy Necklace's win (2nd place at this class level last race, 28 days rest), I would not have been willing to bet a 0/35 jock and low % trainer (Martin). Ryan

  2. I too was a little down at the end of the race but only momentarily, but second is not bad at all and TQ look to be fine after the race. I know my heart skipped a beat when PA announced that there was a claim in the race…. ahhh but not TQ. If I read the condition book correctly there is the same race scheduled for 08/01. Good Job Tammy and Jose and I am kooking forward to seeing everyone again next race.

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