Not a Win but a Good Effort

TQ ran well when she could have packed it in. Jose was not happy that she wouldn’t go by in the stretch. He rode her well; asked her to go when she needed to and had her where she needed to be. She just did not kick in. Second isn’t all bad. I asked Tammy what’s next and she indicated it is right back at this level.

We will summarize the account soon now that the June bills are arriving.

I hope everyone enjoyed their evening at the track. Two wins, a second and a fourth is very good!


2 thoughts on “Not a Win but a Good Effort

  1. I would have liked to get the win here tonight but second is still good. The main thing is that TQ and Jose had a safe trip. (along with the other horses too)Tammy mentioned in the video that she would have like TQ to have had more days off before her next race. Could her lack of kick in the stretch be attributed to coming back sooner than the trainer wanted to? From what I saw she had good position and had an opportunity to win but just lacked the speed bursts that was seen in her earlier starts. (though to her credit tonight’s field was tougher than her previous two dirt races)

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