A Quick Look at Thursday’s Race



2 thoughts on “A Quick Look at Thursday’s Race

  1. Well a week has passed since TQ ran her race. Any news on how she is feeling and if we are eyeing any opportunities coming up in a week or two?Also any comments on the Claiming Crown related to logistics/preperation stuff? Like what does Canterbury and the current owner/trainers do with a big influx of visiting horses and trainers arriving for the event? Do some of Canterbury's current residents (two-legged and four) ship out for the season now or do they just leave for the weekend or do they stick around? How about a trainer getting the new arrivals used to things before the CC Saturday? Does a trainer take a horse out to jog/breeze/gallop on the main track more often when getting to a new location or just stick to their usual exercise regime?ko

  2. ko: thanks for the questions. The number of horses shipping in will not inconvenience those that are here already. We have plenty of space. Other tracks that rely on shippers to fill cards or routinely have shippers, have special barns set aside for that purpose.Some trainers ship in early and others arrive the day before or even the morning of the race. The Northern California contingent for Claiming Crown arrived via plane on Wednesday evening. The owner wanted to ship early to allow the horses to acclimate. They will get a chance to gallop and jog over the track. I was told that this morning a horse vanned up from Iowa to work and then vanned right back.Most trainers bring their own feed and some even bring water. Each trainer seems to have a different routine.jm

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