That’s Racing….

That sure wasn’t TQ’s best effort.
“She ran even again,” Tammy said after the race. “She is cheating a bit I think. She doesn’t finish like she did before. We will try something different with her next time.”

We will delve into what that ‘something different’ is later this week.

Proceeds from the race are 5% of $7,500 or $375.

The bills will arrive this week and we will review them soon.

More to come….


1 thought on “That’s Racing….

  1. So…….7500NW3 on August 16th, with different blinkers or no blinkers??? In her previous race where she finished 2nd, she pretty clearly was hesitant to pass the leader down the stretch, even though it certainly looked as though she could have. In this race, it seemed like a pretty slow, poor pace from all contenders, and TQ did recover well from a slower start that pushed her to the back of the pack…….but something just wasnt quite right.

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