Right Back to Work for Tahitian Queen


In this video taped Sunday morning, Jeff interviews Tammy and Tahitian Queen. What is up next for TQ? According to Tammy, a short rest and an extended training strategy.


5 thoughts on “Right Back to Work for Tahitian Queen

  1. Right now it looks like the next possible race would be August 16. There is a chance something might appear on the overnight but not likely.If that goes then maybe another race before the end of the meet would be possible as well.Soon Tammy will have to begin seeking a buyer for TQ. She has run through two important conditions so her value becomes less than what it was. But she will work well somewhere. Finding a good owner/trainer for her is most important. She has been good to this group and deserves to find a good barn.jm

  2. I think Tammy should sell the horse when the right situation for TQ is at hand. I want to see TQ run again and finish out enjoying the live-season experience, but if the right situation for TQ comes up before Sep 1st then the deal should be made.

  3. I wonder if sometimes a trainer/owner runs a horse in a claiming race, scared that the horse will be claimed. It's my understanding that it's usually not good for the Horse to be moved into new barn, new rider, new feed, etc.. Is there ever any bad blood at the track when say Mac claims a Rarick horse..?

  4. Owners often overestimate the worth of their horses and run them at levels where they cannot be competitive. Many are afraid they will be claimed. We see that here all the time where horses run in maiden special weight races because the owner fears he will lose his horse at the maiden $10,000 claiming level. Most of those horses never come close to winning and would not be worth $10,000 anyway.Some trainers are excellent at claiming horses an improving them. Jamie Ness and Justin Evans last year were both winning at more than 30% with new claims. One of my favorite betting angles is the reclaim where a trainer takes back a horse he once had. The familiar surroundings sometimes move a horse back to form of old.There is at times bad blood when a horse is claimed away. It seems taboo to claim a horse from a trainer stabled in the same barn. It happens but I have seen disputes arise. It is bad form. Occasionally trainers will make a courtesy call and let another trainer klnow that they will be claiming a horse. By and large though, claiming is part of the game and if you run a horse for a tag you had better be prepared to lose it.jm

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