Getting Current and Looking Ahead

It is hard to believe that summer, and the Minnesota racing season, is headed to the wire already. It does not seem that long ago that you were crowding the winners’ circle on opening night. I hope this has been and enjoyable journey for each of you.

Let’s accomplish a couple of things here. The current account balance will be reviewed. I also would like you to submit questions through the comments section. There are certainly things that you want to know that we have yet to cover here. Ask and the staff here will attempt to find answers.

We also need to schedule another backside tour. Wednesdays are the best day as there is no racing so the pace is more relaxed. There is a Monday visit on the 24th in the works. That is a slow day with the track closed and Tammy usually takes that day off, in the morning at least.
Tentatively planned for Saturday, Aug. 22 is a new owners seminar where people would have a chance to meet trainers. The plan is to introduce potential owners to trainers in hopes that they can find horses to race here on 2010. This is a joint effort between the Minnesota Thoroughbred Association and the HBPA. If it comes together I will for sure let you know.

Last time we looked at the horsemen account the balance was $13,104.92. That was July 17.
There is a July vet bill that Tammy is reviewing yet so I will not include that here but it is around $600.

TQ raced on August 1 and finishing 4th. The account was credited with 5% of the purse or $450. The fund for aiding retired horses received $1. The jock fee for Jose Ferrer was $55.

August 1 Account balance: $13,498.92

The July training bill totaled $1,820. Included in the bill was 31 days of training at $50 per day. TQ was reshod on July 9 for $100. On race day she was accompanied to the gate by a pony; $20. She finished second on July 9. Tammy received %10 or $150. That brings the total to $1,820.

Current balance: $11,678.92.

As we have discussed all along, it is not easy to make money with a lower level horse. So it had better be an enjoyable experience. Factoring in the vet bill the balance is about $11,000. There will be another month of training to cover as well as the August vet bill. If we are lucky, TQ will run twice yet. A win would be great to bolster the account. Of course, just about every owner is saying that as well.

Tammy will be looking for a buyer for TQ over the next few weeks. There is no telling what she is worth really. Running through the conditions is good when you have her but not so good when you are trying to sell. But she should be worth about half what we paid I would guess.

Entries for the Aug. 16 race will be taken next Thursday. It is doubtful anything else will pop up before then.


4 thoughts on “Getting Current and Looking Ahead

  1. So is the balance $11,000 + the value of the horse? And I'd make myself available any time to take a tour. This has been a very enjoyable educational experience! Darlene

  2. Another backside tour? There was a previous backside tour? Late afternoons or early evening is best for those of us who work during the day (during the week).We should begin to discuss where the leftover money will go…if there is leftover money. How will we be reimbursed for all or part of our investment, if that is a part of the final finaces?

  3. You ask for our comments but I am curious what Canterbury management/ownership thinks about this experience, and any similar feedback. I know that Canterbury got some decent press exposure about this "club". Any direct feedback from the several media stories? And I'm sure most of us know some devoted fans of live racing and/or simulcast regulars who heard about this ownership club and I wonder if they have commented to you or managment. Has Canterbury been contacted by other horse tracks about this experience? What are Tammy's thoughts about participating in this experience? How about Barry? Have other trainers/owners commented? Is Canterbury thinking of doing it on an yearly basis or never again or is it simply too early to tell?ko

  4. Correct. The balance is about $11,000 right now plus the horse's value.We could possibly arrange a Wednesday afternoon tour around feeding time. That would likely be convenient for many.We will discuss the final account balance soon as well.

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