Reply To A Question

There were a few questions in response to the earlier post. I answered a couple of them in the comments section but will yake this one from ko here:

ko’s query: You ask for our comments but I am curious what Canterbury management/ownership thinks about this experience, and any similar feedback. I know that Canterbury got some decent press exposure about this “club”. Any direct feedback from the several media stories? And I’m sure most of us know some devoted fans of live racing and/or simulcast regulars who heard about this ownership club and I wonder if they have commented to you or managment. Has Canterbury been contacted by other horse tracks about this experience? What are Tammy’s thoughts about participating in this experience? How about Barry? Have other trainers/owners commented? Is Canterbury thinking of doing it on an yearly basis or never again or is it simply too early to tell?

REPLY: Thanks ko. First I will say that this was a leap of faith by management as well as this group. When I first presented the idea there was skepticism. But I am usually afforded enough rope here to hang myself so we moved forward. The idea was to expose a new group to horse ownership at a reasonable price and see where it took us. I had never planned to get the kind of media coverage we received. Once this great group of people formed and I saw what was developing on opening night it was easy to pitch the story to media outlets looking for something unique about Canterbury.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from the regular customers as well as from other horsemen. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I think other owners and trainers asee this approach as a possibility for them.

I can’t speak for Tammy but I think she has enjoyed this. You have been a great group of owners: thrilled, win or lose, and inquisitive.

I would guess that this is something we may try again next year in some format.

Finally, I really have had fun with this experiment. Winning sure helps, but this group has been so much fun to visit with and discuss racing and TQ. It has been a highlight of the race meet.


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