Getting Ready for Sunday


3 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Sunday

  1. Great video! Will definately miss Jose, but Dean is not a bad subsitute!Hope to see everyone Sunday and thank you Jeff for all your kind comments about the TQ Team, we are the lucky ones in this equation!Janet

  2. Jose was disqualifed by the stewards in Saturday's fifth race and placed last. The stewards also determine if there will be a suspension. In this case they gave him seven days beginning Saturday. That would put him out of action until the following Saturday.This year it seems that if there is a DQ there is a suspension that goes along with it. It will be interesting to see what happens regarding Sunday's Barenscheer Stakes where the second place finisher was placed last. The rulings and suspensions, which are a matter of public record, are posted in the racing office as well as the Minnesota Racing Commission website at just checked the site and the most recent update was for a July 16 ruling. There have been several rulings since then so I assume they are just a bit behind in maintaining the site.JM

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