Race Doesn’t Fill

11:37AM – Just heard that the race did not fill. This is disappointing and puts a damper on the plans to run twice before the end of the meet.

2:07PM – I met with your trainer at noon. “There’s nothing we can do about it. Hopefully the race will go on Thursday,” she said. “Otherwise it is open company and I am not too thrilled about that.”
Seven thoroughbred races were used for Sunday. Field size was ok except for two six horse fields, one being an allowance with four trainers handling the six horses. Unfortunately a couple more horses could not be hustled into TQ’s race or it would have been used as it was in the book and the allowance was an extra.


2 thoughts on “Race Doesn’t Fill

  1. C10000+ on Aug 23rd, then the 7500 NW3 on the 28th??? Just looking at any remaining options that might be available…..How much say does your average owner have as far as wanting their horse to run here or there, in this race or that race? Say Jer-Mar and Mac Robertson: does Mac listen to them, or does he just do as he sees fit??And recently it had been mentioned that TQ probably lost about half of her value after running through these conditions. Why is that?? I understand the base logic there, but it also seems that before this summer TQ hadnt proven she could do much of anything, but she has been in much better form this summer and has proven she is capable of running at this level and at the very least hitting the board. There would still be plenty of races she COULD be entered in and win, wouldnt there?? Otherwise, what becomes of your average low level claimer once they run through these conditions?

  2. I think there is always give and take with owners. In general I believe that the trainer should call the shots. I would guess that when Mac drops an expensive purchase in for a tag that he consults with the owners. Owners should have input of course as they foot the bill.I have found that many owners are terrible handicappersd and have no idea where their horses belong. When that is the case the trainer becomes the voice of reason. Unless of course the trainer can't figure it out either.The loss of value is tied directly to the conditions. There is a tipping point of course when a horse is so good that the value increases.You know what it costs to run a horse at a lower level and about the potential to profit or even break even. TQ has yet to prove that she can break through and beat this level. She does get checks and that at least makes her worth more than a horse with no form. Once horses run through their conditions they continue to race and we see a lot of those open claimers here like Castor Troy and Duke Deluxe. They are consitent low level claimers. I think TQ would be very useful at Turf Paradise. She has speed and can finish. Those two ingreients get you a win every now and then.

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