Taking it Day by Day


On a rainy Wednesday morning, Tammy fills us in on a possible race…”we may be forced to run in her in a spot that may not fit her as well as I would like…”

Unfortunately, the race did not fill for Saturday. In the video above, Tammy discusses what needs to happen while we near the end of the meet.

We will keep you updated.



8 thoughts on “Taking it Day by Day

  1. When I plopped down my whooping $250.00 investment, I never expected to get rich off of this experience, and I think every cent has been returned 10 fold. I'd do again in a heartbeat.Janet

  2. We could and may have to enter her in a $4000 race. However those open races are usually much tougher than the conditioned claimers. The price tag is higher to protect the owners but the quality of the $4000 claimers is better. Having your conditions to run through is an advantage, except ehrn the race never fills.I would expect it to go this week though.jm

  3. So, no TQ entered for this Thursday or Friday, and Sunday is the Festival of Champions…what (realistic) chance is there she will find a race to run in Saturday?

  4. Entries will be taken on Wednesday for Saturday's races. A race for TQ should fill. It may be a hybrid of sorts at the $10,000 level for N3L. Tammy entered TQ each day last week. The race drew five on Sunday but there were other races with more horses that were used.The only spot she could have run in was a $15,000N3L on the turf last Thursday. It can be debated whether or not she should have been entered. The race came off the grass and was won by Skinny Legs and All, a filly that already beat TQ. Embellishment was also in that field. TQ would have been running for third at best. Waiting for the bottom level claimer to fill for the final start makes the most sense. We have seen the MN bred N3Ls go but not the open company variety. As there are more MN breds here this time of year these open company races will always be short as the MN breds seek cover. In Illinois the bottom conditioned claimers all run together. The Illinois bred horses can run against state bred at the allowance level only. State breds there regularly beat open company in the bottom level claimers. That is another debate for another day.Hope many of you can make it for the stable visit on Wednesday evening at 5;30pm.JM

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