Tahitian Queen Rallies for Second

Tahitian Queen was enjoying the beautiful day today as she came around a wide final turn and finished second. She made a fine effort. You have been a great group, and we will keep you updated on post-race information from today.

Also, here is a short video of some highlights from Tahitian Queen’s last race of the meet.



4 thoughts on “Tahitian Queen Rallies for Second

  1. She did make a fine effort; that was a beautiful close and she made it look easy, maybe just a case of too little too late, and maybe just a little overmatched in Northern Winn. But, thank you again Jeff, for everything you have done over the summer here, it has been a great experience. I had a few more random questions pop into my head I thought I would throw at you:What is the closest track you know of that still offers live racing over these coming winter months?? Do all owners set up the horsemens account and just have their bills paid from there??? Besides the obvious claim or purchase of a horse, what other initial steps are there? All claims have to be filed by a trainer, correct??And out of curiosity, if someone was interested in working at Canterbury in some way shape or form over the next meet, or even perhaps working for/with the trainers in their barns, do you have any thoughts or advice regarding that, or the steps to connect with trainers looking for help??? Thanks again……

  2. Thanks for the questions and kind words. I again want to thank everyone that took part in this experiment. It was the highlight of my summer and reminded me what drew me into this game to begin with. Not the daily handle reports, per captia wagering etc. While those are important of course, I could study numbers at a bank. It is the people and horses and action that make this so worthwhile. Meeting all of you and watching your filly run was fantastic. As Warren Oates character in the movie Two Lane Blacktop said: "Those satisfactions are permanent."Prairie Meadows in Altoona, Iowa runs a mixed meet through mid-Sept. Arlington in Chicago also runs deep into Sept. and then Hawthorne opens and runs til spring with a abrief break in the dead of winter. Tammy will be running horses at both. Remington Park in OK City is racing nopw and does so for a number of months.Owners need to establish an account so that winnings can be depositied and jock fees paid. Many owners do not have the bookkeeper write checks to pay bills but do it on their own. That is a matter of preference but for our purposes the horsemen account was easiest.Yes, claims are best handled by the trainer. You need to have a trainer before you can claim a horse. Finding the right trainer is always important as we discussed from the outset.Jobs: there are numerous seasonal jobs with Canterbury each summer. Everything from grounds crew to mutuels. As for working for a trainer, you can contact trainers directly to see if they are looking for help. Patrice Underwood in the HBPA office is also a great source as she deals with trainers all year and is always looking for ways to bolster the workforce. jm

  3. I also, want to thank everyone again for this wonderful experience. As I have said before, it has been a dream come true for me. To Jeff, Tammy, Jose, Barry, Kevin, Paul, my fellow "owners" and most especially Tahitian Queen…What A Ride!!! Can we do it again next year? TQ will always be like my "first born" and hope to follow her career and life for years to come but would love to be a part of another partnership….especially if it's the same cast of characters! Janet

  4. Yes this was a great experience. Thanks to Jeff and Tammy. Also thanks to Jeff,Paul and Kevin for Canterbury College without there insight to handicapping I probably wouldn't have hit the .10 super in tne ninth.So where does TQ go from here? Is Tammy taking her with her?What are our options if she's not sold????????

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