I hope everyone enjoyed the experience. Two win pictures to hang on your wall and a summer of memories is a wonderful thing. We will need to settle the books when the bills come in.
Selling the filly has not been as easy as hope. Right now the best offer is $1,500. Tammy likely will take that. If we haul her back to Chicago and try to sell her we likely would end up with another $1,000 in bills by the time it was accomplished.

I will give you details on how to track TQ’s activity, and any horse for that matter next time. It’s a simple thing to do through http://www.drf.com/. You get email updates when horses are entered. It is a great handicapping tool for trip players as well as you know when horses are coming back.

The meet ended fairly well with attendance holding in there. Your groups can take partial credit for that!


6 thoughts on “Update

  1. Wow…..1,500??? Is that really what she is worth Jeff, is that really about right?? I understand she ran through several conditions, but there are dogs that cost more then that!! And we are talking about a thoroughbred racehorse! What else is it that detracts so much from her value, why couldnt somebody buy her and keep running her in 4-10,000 claimers for a while, and from the looks of it keep cashing checks for a while too?? But I guess, lets make whatever needs to happen happen. Maybe somebody in the group wants to pony up 1,600 and take the show on the road?? Thanks…..

  2. I'd certainly go along with that – I never expected to see my $250 again anyway… I'd rather see TQ in good hands, if, IF, Tammy would be willing to pay future expenses, as our interests have ceased. I've really enjoyed this experience, and hope we can do it again. Thanks to all.

  3. This was a great experience and hope we have the opportunity to do it again in the future. I agree with the posts above that hopefully TQ is purchased by a caring owner.

  4. Whaaaa! Another live season is over, Jake Mauer is retiring, and TQ is looking for a new home. Next, you'll be telling me that summer 2009 is over. Oh.There is one idea I would like to ask Canterbury College to consider. Now that there has been CC for ten years, and hundreds of people go through, would you ever consider doing a "next level" class? Maybe just meet for a couple of afternoons or one all-day session? I learned a lot about reading the DRF and picking through past performances, etc. by going to CC and listening to your (Paul, Kevin, Jeff) wagering stories, but I have to admit to you I actually did worse this year than I have the last few years. It could just be an off year obviously, but I feel I am not translating the lessons learned in the best manner. I feel like I am on the edge of getting more prudent and efficient, but I almost feel like I am now trying to crunch too much information and trying out too many different types of betting strategies, and perhaps I have actually lost my way a bit. Another afternoon or two of talking about actual betting, certain general dos-and-don'ts for different races (number of horses, type of race "conditions", and the real influence on a race of "hot" jockeys and trainers, and that sort of thing, would be very interesting to me and I think to others like me. To delve deeper. Please let me know if there would ever be a sophomore-year program for CC.Once again, my sincerest thanks and gratitude to Canterbury management, to you in particular Jeff, to Tammy and Jose the groom, to Jose the jockey, and the others in the TD barn, to Barry for extending his license to our club, to the blog postings people, and to all of the TQ gang. The horse ownership thing was a real blast and very educational too. Happy trails Tahitian Queen.ko

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