TQ Sold

Tahitian Queen has been sold and will likely race in Ohio. She should do well there.
The sales price was $1,500. Much less than we had hoped for but prices were driven down with horses selling for $1,000 (or less for those that can’t really run).

We likey could have sold her for more three weeks ago but then we would not have had that final race. Shipping her to Chicago at the end of the week in hopes of finding a buyer would have incurred costs and we wouyld have ended up at about the same place. This seemed like the lesser of evils and now she will stay in training, whihc is where seems to be her happiest.

The account currently is at $13,960. We will wait for the August invoices to arrive, pay them, and then disperse the account.


Daily Racing Form has a free service that emails you when a horse you wish to follow is works, is entered, and after it races the results are emailed to you as well. This is a great way to watch horses you have an interest in and also to track horses that had a bad trip so that you can look at them as a wagering possibility next time they are entered.

Go to www.drf.com

Then at the top of the page just under the Daily Racimng Form log poinmt at TOOLS and a menu will drop down. Point to Watches and another menu drops down. Click pn Horse Watch. This will take you to a page where you can sign up for a free DRF membership. It is easy and they don’t bombard you with spam. Having a membership also allows you to access stories and other information. Once you are in it will be evident how to add horses to the watch list. I have used this service for a number of years. It also offers a trainer list so you can get email notification any time a trainer you wish to follow enters a horse.



5 thoughts on “TQ Sold

  1. I just want to again say thank you to Jeff, Tammy and everyone at CBY for their time and efforts. It has been a great experience and was able to learn alot about horse ownership. Great appreciation for other horse owners who buy horses that allow for people like myself to handicap races. It is a very challenging business model.Question I have is in regards to last Saturday's race. As everyone knows, TQ came from way back to grab second place. Just curious, was this by design (i.e. to run more at the back of the pack) or was this TQ or was it a combination of both Jose and TQ. Her previous 6F at this class level had her closer to the lead.Thank you.Ryan

  2. Good question. Two races back TQ did the same thing. She got in between horses and sucked out of the pack. I don't think that was by design. It seems she just did not like being in traffic. Early in the meet she did not seem to have that same mind set. Rallying from way back was not a winning style on this track this season and hasn't been for years. Some can but they either need a pace meltdown or they must be very talented. Once she got outside horses TQ seemed to be more comfortable. Horses are creatures of habit and some develop bad habvits. From a handicappers view this makes racing predictable and therefore a great gamejm

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