Opening Weekend Coming Up

No real news to report today. Tammy has been in Chicago at Arlington Park much of the week but will return for Friday’s races. We should have more from her over the weekend.
Gown continues to train well and is on target for the May 21st race.

Of course that race needs to fill. Entries for Friday, May 21 will be taken Sunday so we should know by noon on Sunday.

Once opening weekend is behind us I will update the account and detail the bills from February on. One thing to expect as an owner is the monthly bill from your trainer. That arrived in the mail today. I also made sure the Gown Racing Club licensing was taken care of today. She will race with Gown Racing Club listed as the owner of record.

Last year the membership group was fortunate enough to win a couple of races. After the wins we had discussions about how much to ‘tip’ the groom that cared for the horse. I am a proponent of taking care of the groom as he/she spends more time with the horse than anyone. Good help is crucial and shows up in the results.
That discussion is now moot as tammy has instituted a new policy where if the horse wins 1% is taken out for each the groom and the exercise rider. That makes life easier. Let’s hope we encounter that situation.

We have a full slate of members, actually the group overfilled a bit with emails and mail crossing. We have about 63 members.
Keep your questions coming.


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