The Next Morning

Gown was doing fine this morning, relaxing in her stall. I spoke with Dan at the barn and Tammy on the phone.

Tammy consulted with Dan last night after watching the race live on Canterbury’s streaming video.

“There is nothing wrong soundness-wise,” she said. Gown was very quiet before the race. “She’s not like that. She should have been more alert.”

Dan has no explanation for the lackluster effort. I have only talked with him a few times since he got here. I have found that he is not quick to make judgments about horses but he finds nothing wrong with Gown and commented that she was not the same mare that he put through a strong gallop earlier in the week.

So it is back to the drawing board. The race was embarrassing but we are not done yet. If she is sound then whatever the problem was can be solved. Horseracing is a humbling game sometimes.

Tammy is considering entering Gown right back in a race on June 3, this time against MN breds.


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