Gown Gallops Tuesday & Wednesday

Hello all! First, I will go about introducing myself. I am Brittany, Jeff’s assistant up in the Pressbox and I will be a contributing writer and observer for the Gown Racing Club blog. I look forward to meeting you all throughout the summer and keeping up with this exciting journey.

Anyway, Jeff and I went out to the backside this morning to check on Gown and speak with Dan Hunsaker. He had nothing but positive things to say about the filly and informed us she was doing well after undergoing a brief surgery Saturday to prevent her air-sucking issue. As Tammy had mentioned before Gown is a filly and the parts where she goes pee cause her to suck in too much air. You can prevent this two ways: 1. By putting a patch over it. 2. By sewing it up halfway. The second option was chosen. The surgery doesn’t make her sore and she has recovered rapidly.

Regarding Matt’s previous question…
After this race, given how she finished, would you do an official workout this weekend? Or because the turnaround is pretty quick to the next race, (

After the race on Friday, Tammy walked Gown for three days – giving her a nice break. The last two days (Tuesday, Wednesday) Tammy galloped the filly on the track.

Tomorrow, Jeff and I are going to shoot some video on the backside and speak to Tammy’s assistant trainer, Dan.



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