February-May | Account Overview

Here is a look at the bills February-May 2010. I have linked some of the dental/vet terms to informative websites to help explain each cost.

Training: $38.00/day for 28 days: $1,064.00

Equine Dental Bill
Services/Float/Bit Seats/Oral Bute: $100.00

Vet Bill for Sarah Carlson DVM
Coggins/Tetanus/EE-WE/Flu/Rhino: $139.00

Front Shoes: $80.00

February Total: $1,383.00

Day Rate: Thru 03/31/2010 at $50.00: $900.00

Training: $38.00/day for 13 days: $494.00

Transportation: (Gown to Chicago, IL. Hawthorne Race Track): $225.00

Farrier (new shoes): $110.00

Dental Work: $65.00

Veterinary/Vitamins: $15.00

Vet Bill for Mark J. Wroblewski D.V.M.
Dormosedan/Deworm/Corticosteroid: $95.00

March Total: $1,809.00

Training/Day Rate: $1,500.00

Vet Bill for Mark J. Wroblewski D.V.M.
Lyte Ryte Paste/Acepromazine/Omeprazole: $308.25

Farrier (new shoes): $110.00

Veterinary/Vitamins: $15.00

April Total: $1,933.25

Vanning Shipment to Minnesota (Gown): $250.00

May Total: $250.00

Grand Total: $5375.00

That is a lot of stuff for right now, so if you have any questions comment below.



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