A Morning Workout for Gown + Upcoming Race

This morning Gown was saddled up and taken to the track for a brisk breeze under jockey, Ry Eikleberry. Gown worked three furlongs in 35.3 seconds. However, she did not switch leads down the stretch which indicates she may be favoring her right ankle.

[Defining switching leads] When horses run around the oval, they lead with their inside leg. Come the stretch to go down the straightaway they switch back to their right lead (outside leg) to finish up the race. Horses need to switch leads at the stretch so they do not get too tired on one leg. If they do not switch leads, it will take some of the finish out of them. You do not necessarily have to teach them to switch leads but an important part of training is coaxing the horse to understand they need to switch leads come the stretch. Part of the training process is to continue coaxing her into switching that right lead on stretch. Tammy explained she plans on letting Gown rest for a few days and possibly working her again.

Now we look to future races. . .

Jeff and I recently received the news about an upcoming race fit for Gown. Here is what’s happening: Entries for Thursday races are taking place today. A MN-Bred non-three sprint is one of the races open for Thursday which appeals to Gown. If that race does not attract enough entries then hopefully the racing secretary brings it back on the overnight as an extra for Friday night (June 4th) racing. If this is the case, Tammy will enter Gown for Friday for the MN-Bred non-three sprint. Fridays entries are taken tomorrow.

Hopefully they carry the race today and she gets to run. We will keep you updated.



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