Tour Saturday?

Is anyone intertested in a backside tour on Saturday morning at 9:30AM. Brittany and I will be back there at 9am tending to some other business but one of us could break off at 9:30 and meet at the stable gate for a tour. It would take about an hour to 90 minutes. Looks like it is supposed to be sunny. Let me know via email and we will it organized. I know it is a holiday weekend and late notice but we will schedule another one later as well. Racing is at 4pm that day followed by fireworks.

What’s Next?

Hello all,

We don’t want everyone to think the Gown situation is stalled quite yet, we still have a lot of summer and some options.

We are working on getting updated with the bills still, as we have some more veterinarian bills from this month. Once those are organized, Jeff and I will keep you updated.

Moving towards the horse situation. . .we want you to voice your opinion about what you think should happen next. Should we purchase a new horse? Should we claim a new horse? Or would you rather pay the bills and end the summer a little early? Please let us know what you think and if you have any questions.


Another problem

Gown continued to train well following two days of walking. This weekend some filling was discovered in her left front ankle. Xrays were taken and it appears that there could be a suspensory problem. This would represent a setback at best but more likely a condition that would be causebtp stop on her completely.
A suspensory problem would be
unrelated to the hocks which seemed to have been addressed last week.
Other than bad luck, I don’t know how to explain it.
Setbacks and delays are common but this mare seems to be starcrossed and our group is caught in the crossfire.
Tammy is on her way to Shakopee as this is written.

The tour on Wednesday will proceed as planned.

Setting Up A Tour

Next Wednesday, June 23 is a target date for a backside tour. It is a non-racing day so the barn won’t be disrupted by visitors. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

I need to get a handle on the group size so we can manage it. Please email me and let me know if you can be there. Britt and I will get back to you with specific directions. Plan on meeting at 9:15am. The tour should take about an hour. There will be a good amount of walking as vehicles are not allowed in the stable area during training hours.

Once entries come out we can look at a possible Saturday tour.

I don’t like to visit the barn with a group on raceday as it can throw the horses off. Some can handle it but some not. For example, I was working on a news story a couple weeks ago and wanted to take a crew to a barn to see a specific horse hours before racetime. After consulting with the trainer we decided not to use that filly as he said she was the nervous type. I saw her in the paddock and on the track before the race and he was right. She washed out and ran like she left her race in the paddock.