I realize the disappointment regarding Gown’s performance, or lack of, this past Friday. We all are seeking an answer or explanation.

Gown trains well but fails to fire in the race.
She was hand walked the past two days and this morning was on the walking machine bucking and kicking.
If there is a soundness issue she does not seem to show it. Every horse that races is inspected by the state vet the morning of the race so there are no glaring problems.

The plan is to have a veterinarian go over Gown on Wednesday. All race day medication, such as bute, will be out of her system and hopefully an assessment can be made.

We then need to make a decision. I know there has been a suggestion that a different trainer could find the problem. I’ve said from the start that an owner needs to find a trainer they can trust and I believe we have done that. Tammy worked with Gown at Hawthorne and was of the opinion that she do well for this group. There was no obligation for her to keep this horse as we were going to have something in training regardless. Running up the track is embarrassing to all of us. The well-being of this mare is our primary concern however.
Gown trained like she was a racehorse but doesn’t show it when the race is on.

It could be that she just doesn’t have it any longer.

We will wait for the vet then make a decision. If we decide to stop on Gown then so be it.

We still have time and money to claim or purchase another horse and continue on as planned.
Please add your comments to the discussion.


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