Wednesday Update

Dr. Sorum examined Gown this morning. He performed a flex test and concluded that Gown has sore hocks. I have included a picture and definition for you.

This could explain why she is not breaking well and stops running. But it gives us something to go on.

I spoke with Tammy after the exam. She is inclined to continue on with Gown because we now have a possible explanation and a problem that is fixable. With treatment and training time it would be about three weeks until she could race again. Of course there is no telling if this is the reason she has performed so poorly but it is better than having no explanation at all.
So let’s continue on. If Gown showed promise two months ago then there is no reason to give up when we have a course of action.

Let’s regroup and discuss here.

HOCK: This joint is made of several smaller bones, the most prominent being the Os Calsis which gives the hock it’s angular shape. The strength of the hocks is very important as this is the most active joint in the horse’s hind legs. Poorly conformed hocks may make the horse susceptible to break down if the horse is worked very hard


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