I realize there is a level of frustration involving the progress and some disagreement on the path to take with Gown. Having a possible reason for her lack of performance and a potential solution is cause to give her one more try. If she weren’t training well and showing positive signs, then it would be a different story.

While there has not been a vote per se, the majority opinion expressed through the blog and emails has been to try. Of course that could ultimately prove to be the wrong decision. Every decision in this game has a chance of coming up ‘tails.’

There also has been concern expressed about Gown’s vet treatment for her hocks. These horses are athletes and are treated as such. If there was something harmful being done we would not be discussing it opening here certainly. If this treatment works, she will feel better about racing.
I spoke with Tammy and Dan yesterday about what would happen today. Gown jogged a mile and then had a strong two-minute mile. The vet will attend to her and then she will walk for a couple days before returning to training.

“She went good again today. She has all week,” Dan told me. “She galloped strong and changed leads as she should.” Gown continues to be eager to go to the track and train.

I would like to get a backside visit organized. It looks like the weather will clear up this week.
Ideal days would when there are no Domenosky horses entered to run. Many horses are high strung on race day and large groups wandering the barn can lead to problems. Wednesdays are good as there is no racing and the equine pool is open.

Entries for Saturday are taken Weds. If there is nothing entered then next Saturday could work for a tour.

If Wednesdays work for anyone please let me know. It would be great if we could split up the groups and not try to navigate the barn area with 60+ people during training hours.


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