Setting Up A Tour

Next Wednesday, June 23 is a target date for a backside tour. It is a non-racing day so the barn won’t be disrupted by visitors. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

I need to get a handle on the group size so we can manage it. Please email me and let me know if you can be there. Britt and I will get back to you with specific directions. Plan on meeting at 9:15am. The tour should take about an hour. There will be a good amount of walking as vehicles are not allowed in the stable area during training hours.

Once entries come out we can look at a possible Saturday tour.

I don’t like to visit the barn with a group on raceday as it can throw the horses off. Some can handle it but some not. For example, I was working on a news story a couple weeks ago and wanted to take a crew to a barn to see a specific horse hours before racetime. After consulting with the trainer we decided not to use that filly as he said she was the nervous type. I saw her in the paddock and on the track before the race and he was right. She washed out and ran like she left her race in the paddock.



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