That’s How You Play The Game

Losing your horse via claim is usually only a good thing if you wanted someone to take it. In our case we did not want KoR to get claimed. We took KoR from Larry Donlin and he paid more to get him back. That is how the game should work.

Dan and Tammy did a great job preparing your horse for this race. When you claim a horse from a good trainer like Mr. Donlin, you just hope to keep the horse heading the right direction and maybe tweak a thing or two.

The horse ran his race but just came up short. With more distance it may have been a different race.

At this point in the meet it is too late to claim another horse and hope to get a race in.
We will wait for the finla bills to come in, pay those, and disperse what is left.
The May vet bill was paid but not the July and August bills. Training is paid up through early June when Gown was turned out.

I welcome your comments on the experieince. It sure didn’t work out the way I had hoped. But we did get a full taste of the ups and dowsn of owning a horse. Not winning a race is not uncommon at a race meet but I fully expected to get the group to the winners’ circle. While I am disappointed I enjoyed meeting all of you along the way.


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