Crown the Cat Past Performances

Above, you’ll find lifetime past performances for Crown the Cat, the four-year-old filly that this club will race during the summer at Canterbury Park.

3 thoughts on “Crown the Cat Past Performances

  1. If the filly is claimed we have a couple options. Late in the meet we would just call it quits, pay the bills, and divide the account balance. Were a claim to take place early in the meet we could claim another horse to campaign for the rest of the meet. We would have to decide as a group what would be best. We did encounter a situation with the group where the original horse went bad and we found someone to adopt her. The group then claimed another horse and continued on.

  2. The filly has sure been running at classy tracks and some big name riders. Sure looks like she will be competitive here. Looks like the trainer also has PA's old horse Senior Smiley. Looking forward to a fun season

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