Crown the Cat On Her Way

Crown the Cat is en route from Kentucky to Minnesota and should arrive sometime late tonight or early tomorrow morning. With any luck, we will be able to get some photos or videos of her tomorrow and will be able to give you an update on her anticipated schedule over the next few days.

For those of you that have already entered her in your virtual stable or stable mail, you may have noticed that she is entered tomorrow (Friday) at Churchill Downs. This was done by the previous owners/trainer prior to the completion of the purchase. We will not start her in that race. She will be scratched from that race and will make her next start at Canterbury Park.

Check back tomorrow for more information and to see a video starring your horse!


2 thoughts on “Crown the Cat On Her Way

  1. Can't say I know much about shipping horses. Approx 700 miles here from Kentucky. Do they drive straight through? Do they need to stop and walk the horse around? Haven't seen this at any rest stops but I don't travel much. Are there dedicated rest stop areas for horses or other livestock? Maybe a network of horse farms along the way for longer trips? And last, are there any travel effects on the horses? Odd questions I know but always like to learn. Thanks and see ya trackside…

  2. For this trip, the van stopped in Iowa at Prairie Meadows and stayed the night there, picking up other horses. But yes, the horses shipping from Phoenix do make planned stops at farms where they can get the horses out of the van.Sometimes a long trip will knock a horse out for a day. But this was a relatively short trip and did ot seem to have any ill effects on the filly.Once we get the bill, it will be detailed in here and we will pay it out of the

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