No Race Friday

Crown the Cat was entered to run Friday in a $10,000 maiden claiming route but the race, as we suspected would be the case, did not draw enough horses and thus was not used.

That is one of the frustrating parts of being an owner. You can’t always get what you want. There are no other maiden claiming routes for fillies in the first condition book so we either wait three weeks to run (unacceptable), hope the racing secretary writes an extra (more on that later), brings the race back on the overnight (which he did not do) or run in a race that is not our first preference.

This filly is ready to run so we will have to enter Wednesday for a sprint on Saturday at the maiden claiming $10,000 level.

Andrew will provide more detail later on extra races and how races that get close to filling can be brought back.

Here is a look at the overnight for May 20.


Here is Angela: The New Paddock Handicapper


3 thoughts on “No Race Friday

  1. Crown the Cat's first two races of her career are on You Tube. If you search with her name and the race course name you should be able to find it.

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