Race Fails to Fill …. But Another Emerges

As a few of you have already commented, the race for Saturday did not draw enough entries either. Therefore, the Racing Secretary called the race off in favor of those with larger fields. Unfortunately, this is a part of the game. Apparently, many horses that fit this condition are either: 1) not yet on the grounds, or 2) are not yet fit to race.

However, a potential race has emerged for Sunday. Somtimes, when a race gets close to filling, the Racing Secretary will write an additional race for the following entry day. This type of race is called an “Extra”. Extras are typically added to the end of the day’s overnight (a list of entries for trainers, owners, jockeys, etc) so that everyone is aware of what additional races will be offered in the near future. You can think of Extras as more or less the same thing as a Substitute race, but they give the Racing Secretary a little more ability to adjust on the fly.

Click on the image below to see part of an overnight with Extras. Click here to see the entire overnight for Saturday (the page below is page 2 of the overnight).

Extra #1 (X1) is a Maiden Claiming $10,000 race for fillies at five and one half furlongs. The conditions are very similar to those that we entered for today; however, the race is a little bit shorter.

This series of events is somewhat unusual for this type of race, but it doesn’t come as a complete surprise due to the fact that it is early in the meet. Most trainers are looking for races where their horse may be able to win without being 100% fit. Unfortunately, one of our advantages is that we believe our horse is fit and ready to run (the main reason we preferred the one mile race for Friday).

In this business, there are certain things that are out of the control of the owner and the entry process is one such thing. We’re at the mercy of other trainers and owners as they get their horses prepared to race. With any luck, we will be able to get the race for Sunday to fill. Entries will be taken tomorrow and we will be sure to let you know how it turns out.

For now, enjoy a photo of Crown the Cat:

Check back tomorrow for a video update as well!

4 thoughts on “Race Fails to Fill …. But Another Emerges

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for Sunday. The weather looks iffy for the weekend but CTC has ran fairly well a couple times on an off track.Hopefuly we we get to meet the other owners on Sunday and maybe even get a picture out of it

  2. YesRace 3 Sunday5 1/2 Furlongs | Fillies and Mares | 3 Year Olds And Up | MAIDEN CLAIMING ( $10,000 ) | Purse: $6,500 2 Crown the Cat R. Eikleberry

  3. Great! Now we have a race and Sunday is supposed to be the best of the 3 day weekend. I, too, am anxious to meet the group and hopefully our picture will be in the Winner's Circle when we "crown that little lady"!

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