Crown the Cat in on Sunday!

It appears that a few of you have already heard the good news, Crown the Cat has found a race on Sunday! See below for entries and for an update from trainer Kenny Jansen.

Crown the Cat is entered in Race #3 on Sunday and will face six other rivals:
5 1/2 Furlongs | Fillies and Mares | 3 Year Olds And Up | MAIDEN CLAIMING ( $10,000 ) | Purse: $6,500

Crown the Cat Video Update

8 thoughts on “Crown the Cat in on Sunday!

  1. Great to see that Crown the Cat got in a race for Sunday. Weather sounds good, Horse looks good and the winner's circle would sure look good too. Anxious to see all the Crown the Cat Racing club members on Sunday too. Morning line has her as the favorite as does the Equibase Trackmaster handicapping.

  2. This is very exciting! Great to see Eikleberry up top! I have a couple of questions… How is the jockey chosen? Also, if a horse finishes in the money, how is the purse split up? Is everything negotiated between the owners, jockeys, and trainers beforehand? Or is there a set percentage set by the track? Just curious, see you all on Sunday!Thanks,Nate

  3. Wow! Danny "Boom Boom", what a generous offer! I'll be excited to join you & all the fellow owners after the race (& Winner's Circle photo, I hope!)

  4. Nelling – Jockeys have agents that typically go out and try to hustle mounts for their riders. They are essentially constant free agents, the best ones usually are in the highest demand.The purse breakdown is a little bit more complicated. First the total purse is divided amongst all of the horses in the race. This division is approximately:1st – 60% of purse2nd – 20% of purse3rd – 10% of purse4th – 5% of purseAll Others – 1% of purseFrom there, jockeys and trainers might get a share of their mount's winnings. Here is the matrix for jockeys. This is negotiated to by horsemen's organizations and the jockey guild. Again, these are approximations, they vary somewhat by field size and type of race.Total purse less than $10,00010% to the winner$75 to second$65 to third$55 to rest of the fieldTotal purse above $10,00010% to winner5% to second5% to third$65 to everyone elseTrainers usually receive a portion as well. This is negotiated between trainer and owners, but it is customary to pay the trainer 10% of the purse for any on the borad finish.An example: If we were to win on Sunday, the purse breakdown would be as follows.Total Purse – $6,500Winner's Share is $3,900 less expenses to jockey and trainer.Jockey's Share – $390Trainer's Share – $390Total to Winning Owner – $3,120

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