Paddock Protocol for Sunday

As I’m sure many of you are aware, Crown the Cat is the morning line favorite at 9/5. That is enough to get anyone’s hopes up. However, this is a humbling game so we are proponents of keeping expectations reasonable. As of right now, we are happy with where our horse sits. However, there are a couple of other contenders in this race, most notably Graeme’s Star from the barn of Mike Biehler. She is the most eligible to improve in her second lifetime start and her first at the age three. What we hope for first and foremost is a safe trip for Crown the Cat and Ry Eikleberry. This will be a fun experience, win or lose.

Paddock Information & Protocol

The third race on Sunday is scheduled to go off at 2:35 pm. Horses should begin arriving in the paddock for race number 3 shortly after the conclusion of race 2. Crown the Cat Racing Club members that would like to come in the paddock should meet near the paddock enterance gate shortly after the conclusion of the second race (around 2:10). The gate is located where the jockeys come out to enter the walking ring. Jeff and Andrew will be both be there to help direct traffic and get everyone in. We have a huge group involved, one of the largest to go into the paddock.

Crown the Cat will be wearing the white saddle towel associated to program number two. You will see a sign on the ground within the paddock with a number 2 on it just to your left when you enter the paddock. That is where Jockey Ry Eikleberry will go when he comes into the paddock. We will congregate inside the walking ring in this area.

When in the paddock, it is most important to make sure we don’t frighten the horses. As was previously mentioned, this is a large group, one of the biggest any of these horses have ever seen. Always keep in mind that horses have the right of way. We won’t exit the paddock until the last horse makes her way out of the walking ring en route to the track. The number one rule is to pay attention to your surroundings at all times.

All owners should feel free to watch the race from the terrace that overhangs the track. Directly in front of the finish line, there is a section reserved for horse owners. You should feel free to sit in that area during the race. If you prefer to sit in a different luck spot, by all means do so!

Watch the first two races to see where winning owners enter the winners’ circle after the race for their picture. Should Crown the Cat win, we would all crowd into that area for a picture right after the race.

We both look forward to seeing all of you hear on Sunday afternoon. If you have any questions about the race or about the order of operations, please feel free to post a comment below so that all can see.

Best of luck on Sunday!


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