Crown the Cat Wins!

Congratulations on the great win! We’ll check in during the week to see how Crown the Cat comes out of the race, to look at her upcoming training schedule and to examine what might be next.
You will be able to purchase a Winner’s Circle photo of Crown the Cat for $10 from the track photographer. If you are interested, the track photographer’s office is on the office level and is open on racing days during racing hours. Ask the receptionist if you have any problems finding the office.

For now, enjoy the moment. See below for pictures and a video from the race.


12 thoughts on “Crown the Cat Wins!

  1. Had a great time watching Crown the Cat hit the finish line first today. What an exciting race! Hope she made it through the race in good condition and that she is ready for a good race next time out! Time to look for a Non-Winners of 2 in the condition book. Thanks for the fun.

  2. What a great. The clouds parted and the sun shone just in time for the Cat to take the track and win one for the Club.Many thanks to Kenny, Ry, the grooms abd all involved at Canterbury park for giving us a such a thrill.Hope the filly comes out of the race in good order and ready for the next race.

  3. And to think some folks stayed home out of the rain today! What a great group we have and what a great race it was. Special thanks to Kenny, Ry, Jeff, Andrew and of course Crown the Cat for making it happen! See ya trackside…

  4. What an exciting day! She sure was ready to run! Winner's circle on opening weekend-Wow! Thanks for the experience, can't wait to see her race again! Love the video-nice work!

  5. Jeff and/or Andrew,Could we work on getting Ry some silks to wear? I liked the purple bridle and reins, maybe just a solid purple shirt and white pants? Poor Ry looked rather Hannibel Lecter'ish in his solid white outfit! Perhaps even a purple shirt with a gold crown on it somewhere?

  6. I was curious how Crownthe cat was found? I assume that you were looking for a madien so that he/she could "run through conditions" but there must be thousands of such horses out there. What goes into such a search?

  7. Thanks for the video…my wife and I were saying on the way home how we barely remembered any of it, especially the racecall. I was the one with the 5 week old in the winner's circle. She slept through the whole thing! Looking at condition book, I see a 10K NW2L on June 11 (Belmont Day). Assuming that's the next logical spot. Janet – Triple B has their own silks…little disappointing Ry wasn't wearing them, instead wearing the house silks. Assuming Triple B maybe had another horse racing yesterday and didn't have 2 sets.

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