After the Victory

Congratulations again on your big victory!

I’ll take a second to answer some of the questions that have been asked in the comment area regarding Crown the Cat & racehorse ownership in general.

Question: Can we get some silks for our Jockey to wear?

Answer: This was already answered in the comment section, but our jockey is supposed to be wearing the silks of Kevin Lay and Trible B Stables. Triple B owns 20% of Crown the Cat and therefore, should be racing in its silks. We will do our best to make sure this is corrected the next time she races.

Question: How was Crown the Cat found?

Answer: Kevin Lay is responsible for finding Crown the Cat. Later in the week, we’ll have a post about this process, and specifically about how Crown the Cat was located.

Question: How is purse money divided?


Total Purse for the Race: $6,500

Purse to Winning Horse & Connections (60%): $3,900

Percentage to Jockey (10% of horse’s share): $390

Percentage to Trainer (10% of horse’s share): $390

Groom Bonus: $40

Total Remaining Purse to Owners: $3,900 – $390 – $390 – $40 = $3,080

The groom is the individual that cares for your horse on a daily basis. It is customary to tip the groom when your horse wins. More and more trainers are building this tip into the billing process which is what our trainer has decided to do.

The Next Step

Crown the Cat seems to have come out of the race in fairly good condition. This morning we talked to trainer Kenny Jansen about how she is doing, what her upcoming training schedule looks like and when she may run again.

In other posts this week, paddock analyst Angela Hermann will examine the pedigree and markings of Crown the Cat and we will provide a deeper analysis of potential upcoming races for your horse.


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