Crown the Cat Racing Club caps

A member of the club has suggested that caps for the club would be a good idea and e.g. was kind enough to design a logo.
I have priced caps out in both flex-fit and adjustable styles. The logo (below) will be on a royal blue cap. These are priced at the estimated cost based on a small quantity, so it is not a money maker for anyone. If we should end up a couple of bucks over, we can donate that to the Minnesota Retired Racehorse Project, a local group that helps place former racehorses in good homes.
Flex-fit= $15
Adjustable= $11

Email or call me if you want to order one or more. Assuming there is enough interest to make an order, I would like to wrap this up and get them ordered by Wednesday, June 1. Once they arrive we can work out a system for you to pay for your order and pick it up at the track.


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